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Mary Adams

  • Executive Associate to the Vice President,
    Office of the General Counsel

Jennifer Allen

  • Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer,
    Campus Health and Wellness

Courtney Anthony

  • Annual Giving Director,
    Administration and Athletics

Michelle Aros

  • Business Administrator,
    Senior VP Health Sciences

Cheryl Bakke

  • Executive Outreach,
    College of Nursing

Kina Barton

  • Finance and Administration Coordinator,
    CALS Business Services

Michell Bauer

  • Senior Producer,
    Arizona Health Sciences Bio Communications

Page Bausman

  • Eller Online MBA Director,
    Eller MBA

Margine Bawden

  • Program Coordinator,
    Apache County Cooperative Extension

Oscar Beita

Office of Diversity & Inclusion

  • Arizona Hispanic Center of Excellence Assistant Director
  • Family and Community Medicine - (Clinical Scholar Track) Assistant Professor

Dave Besselsen

  • Director and Attending Veterinarian,
    University Animal Care

David Biffar

  • Operations Assistant Director,
    College of Medicine Administration

Tara Bode

  • Personnel Services and Business Affairs Manager,
    Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

Lomax Boyd

  • Infrastructure Services Manager,
    BIO5 Institute

Melanie Bright

  • Appointments-Promotions-Tenure Director,
    COM Academic Affairs

Corrie Brinley

  • Assistant Research Social Scientist,
    Southwest Institute for Research on Women

Drennen Brown

  • Information Technology Assistant Director,
    Planning Design & Construction

Andrew Bryant

  • Operations and Inventory Control Assistant Director,
    The UofA BookStores

Robin Bueter

  • Custodial Area Supervisor,
    Facilities Management - Custodial

Rhonda Burnett

  • Student Programs and Services Assistant Director,
    SALT Center

Lissette Calderon

  • Academic Affairs and Vice Dean Marc Miller Administrative Assistant,

Erin Chadd

  • Special Projects Director,
    Office of Global Initiatives

Jason Challenger

  • Division Manager,

Eric Christensen

  • Catalina Sky Survey Associate Staff Scientist / Principal Investigator,
    Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

Kathryn Conrad

  • University of Arizona Press Director,
    University of Arizona Press

Alicia Cool

  • Grants and Contracts Manager,
    Chemistry and Biochemistry

Beaney Cota

Catering Manager
Arizona Catering Company

Kenneth Creech

  • Regional Recruitment Assistant Director,

Theresa Crimmins

School of Natural Resources & Environmental Research
  • National Phenology Network Director
  • Associate Research Scientist

Sonia de Leon

Manager, Preclinical Education
Curricular Affairs

Marcela Delgado, MBA

Assistant Director, Administration and Business Management
Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Linda Dols

  • Resource Sharing / Streaming Service Manager,
    Delivery, Description, Acquisition

Daniel Ducker

  • Information Technology Assistant Director,
    Planning Design & Construction

Ryan Duitman

  • Information Technology Manager,
    Office Student Computing Resource

Laura Vasquez Duran

Program Coordinator, Sr.
Trauma, Critical Care, Burns & Emergency Surgery
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Sandra Durazo

  • Office Supervisor,
    Disability Psychoeducational Studies

Guillermo Felix

  • HVAC Supervisor,
    Facilities Management - Maintenance Services

Amanda M. Ferraris, MPA, MAcc

Manager, Finance and Administration
School of Plant Sciences

Liz Firmage

  • Administration Director,
    BIO5 Institute

Sandra Fletcher

  • Project Director,
    Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences

Garry Forger

  • Strategic Initiatives / Outreach Coordinator,
    Office of Instruction & Assessment

Jez Gaddoura

  • Collection Management Librarian,
    Law Library

Claudia Gallego

  • Senior Business Manager,
    Family and Community Medicine

Maria Galo

Parking and Transportation

  • Financial Operations Manager
  • Senior Parking Event Monitor
  • Parking Event Monitor
  • Principal Parking Event Monitor

Dawn Geiser

  • Research Assistant Professor,
    Nutritional Sciences

Raquel Givens

  • LCME Accreditation Director,
    College of Medicine Academic Affairs

Maria Gordon

  • AziCats Clinical Research Manager,
    Senior VP Health Sciences

Lubna Govindarajan

  • Senior Program Coordinator,
    Center for Rural Health

Elizabeth Gradillas

  • (retired) Finance and Administration Manager,
    Animal and Comparative Bio Sci #90

Sumayya Granger

English as a Second Language
  • Assistant Director,
    Academic Support
  • Development Officer,
    Local Programs
  • Interim Coordinator,
    Tutoring/Skill Intensive Workshops
  • Assistant Professor
  • Assistant Professor,
    Second Language Acquisition / Teaching - GIDP

Leah Gray

  • IT Manager,

Carolyne Greeno

  • Senior Business Manager,
    Cooperative Extension Administration

Michelle Guevara

  • Personnel Affairs Coordinator,

Mike Hagedon

Team Lead for Software & Web Development
University Libraries, Technology Strategy & Services

Jill Hall

Kevin Hall

  • Recruitment and Outreach Director
  • Honors Summer Academy Director
  • UA Flinn Scholars Advisor

Christopher Hargraves

  • Senior Assistant Dean,
    Student Governance and Programs

Dirk Harris

  • College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Desktop Services Manager,
    SBS Tech

Rhonda Hatzelis

  • (retired) Coordinator,
    Administrative Operations

Whitney Herr-Buchholz

  • Assistant to the Director & Coordinator for Advancement,
    School of Dance

Ginny Hitchings

  • Senior Business Manager,
    Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine

Nikolas Hodge

  • Program Development / Research Director,
    Enrollment Management

Gregory Hodgins

  • Director,

Regan Holliday

  • Business Manager,

Arthur Jacobson

  • IT Manager,

Peg Kearney

  • Coordinator of Technology Support,
    College of Nursing

Darla L. Keneston

Graphic Design Supervisor
UAHS BioCommunications

Kristen Klotz

  • Equity Officer and Deputy Director,
    Office of Institutional Equity

Ellen Knight

Manager of Resource Sharing and Streaming Services
University Libraries, Delivery, Description and Acquisitions

Ada Korhonen

  • Administration Assistant Director,

Bethina Krogsgaard

Business Manager, Senior
School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Robert Lanza

  • Principal IT Support Analyst,
    Family and Consumer Sciences

Jennifer Lawrence

  • Business & Finance Manager,

Monika Lester

  • (retired) Senior Coordinator,
    Admissions Processing

Jon Levengood

Retail Dining Manager
Student Union Dining Services

Chrissy Lieberman

  • Associate Dean,
    Dean of Students

John Lloyd

  • Interim Director,
    Campus Recreation

Corporal Johnny Lollar

Police Officer, Senior

Beth Lopez

Business Manager
Procurement & Contracting Services

Andre Lyko

  • Police Sergeant,
    University Police Department

Wendi Mabee

Police Aide Supervisor

Steve Machtley

  • Learning - Healthcare Technology Innovations Assistant Dean,
    College of Nursing

Robbie MacPherson

  • Senior Business Analyst,
    Institutional IT Applications

Jennifer Maiorany

  • MBA Career Management Director,
    Karl Eller Graduate School of Management

Cynthia A. Malbrough

Director, Business - Finance
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Mariette Marsh

  • Human Subjects Protection - Privacy Program Director,
    Research-Discovery & Innovation

Steven Martin

  • Native American Student Affairs Program Director,
    Dean of Students Office

Pilar Martinez

  • Strategic Communications Senior Director,
    University Communications

Naim Matasci

  • Engagement Team - iPlant Collaborative Scientific Lead,
    BIO5 Institute

Meghan McKenney

  • Assistant Director,
    Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

Jean McLain

Water Resources Research Center

  • Associate Director
  • Associate Research Scientist

Jennifer Mewes

  • Internal Operations Assistant Director,
    CATS Academics

Stephen Michael

  • (retired) Director,
    Arizona Smokers Helpline

Maria Miranda

  • Senior Program Coordinator,
    FSO - Bursars Office

Paula Mitchell

  • (retired) Program Manager,
    School of Information Resources and Library Science

Marlene Moldenhauer

  • (retired) Accounting Manager,
    Financial Services Office

Steve Morrison

Director, Full-Time MBA Program
Eller MBA

Brain Morton

  • Finance and Administration Director,
    University Relations

John Mosbach

Student Learning Services

  • Associate Athletics Director
  • Director CATS Academics - Student Learning Services

James Murch

  • Lead Locksmith,
    Facilities Management - Maintenance Services

John Murphy

Safety Officer
Risk Management Services

Dan Nelson

  • General Maintenance Supervisor,
    Campus Agriculture Center

Rachel Nielsen

  • Business and Finance Manager,
    Graduate College

Natalie O'Farrell

  • Programs Associate Director,
    Campus Recreation

Raina Obrien

University of Arizona South
  • Academic Advising Assistant Director
  • (retired) Academic Advisor

Belinda Oden

  • Finance and Administration Director,
    CALS Administration

Maria de Lourdes Ortiz

  • Assistant Division Manager,

David Ouellette

  • Program Coordinator,
    Parking and Transportation

Loreli Panico

  • Finance and Operations Manager,
    School of Information: Science, Technology, and Arts

Sally Peoples

  • Senior Program Coordinator,
    Pinal County Extension

Rachele Peterson

  • Research Administration Associate Director,
    Senior VP Health Sciences

Jennifer Pierson

  • Grants and Contracts Manager,
    Steward Observatory

Karen Pizzuto

Regional Business Manager, Sr.
The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension
Yavapai, Coconino, Mohave Counties

Anjani Polit

  • Senior Systems Engineer,
    Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

Jennifer Potter

  • (retired) Executive Assistant,

Nancy Preble

  • Administration-Finance Manager,
    Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

Maria Puig

  • Finance and Operations Director,
    College of Optical Sciences

Cynthia Quijada

  • Business Administrator,
    Executive Office of the President

Deborah Quintana

  • Document and Production Services Manager,
    UA Library Administration ADM

Bridget Radcliff

  • Senior Program Coordinator,
    Computer Science

Lisa Rascon

Associate Director
UA Pediatric Pulmonary Center

Jeff Ratje

CALS Administration

  • Finance and Administration Associate Dean
  • Arizona Experiment Station, Treasurer 

Walter Ries

  • Senior IT Manager,

Paula Rivadeneira

  • Assistant Specialist,
    Soil/Water and Environmental Science CALS

Mary Lou Robinson

Biosphere 2

  • Conference Center Sales Manager
  • (retired) Dining Services Division Assistant Manager

Nancy Rodriguez Lorta

  • Advising - Student Services Director,
    CALS Career & Academic Services

Paul Ronstadt

  • Project Manager,
    Facilities Management Custodial Services

Heather Rosinbum

  • Recruitment Assistant Director,
    Admissions & New Student Enrollment

Bethany Rosinbum

  • Administration / Communications Director,
    CALS Administration

Kristy Ruiz

  • Full-Time MBA Program Director,
    Karl Eller Graduate School of Management

Ricky M. Salazar

Associate Director, Curriculum and Enrollment
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Sarah Sampe, M.Ed.

Senior Coordinator, Student Programs & Services
SALT Center

Julie Sanders

  • Project Manager,
    Office for Research & Discovery

Paul Sandoval

Director, PostAward Services
Sponsored Projects and Contracting Services

Ryan Saxby

Ash Scheder Black

  • Director of Technology,
    Office of Global Initiatives

Michele Schwitzky

  • Campus Recreation Interim Director,
    Campus Recreation

Lauren Sekora

  • Principal Enterprise Business Analyst,
    UITS - Institutional IT Applications

Rachel Serrano

  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Services Manager,

Bhavana Sherchand

Lead, Data Transformation Analyst
College of Medicine IT Services

Kimberly Sierra-Cajas

  • Office of Undergraduate Research Director,
    Science Administration

Tracy Skinner

  • Senior Program Coordinator,
    Arizona Telemedicine Program

Katherine Snyder

  • Student Assistance and Accountability Senior Coordinator,
    Dean of Students Office

Kerrie Sonnenberg

  • Finance and Administration Manager,
    Engineering Administration

Leticia Soto-Delgadillo

  • Executive Director,
    Colleges of Letters, Arts, and Science Academic Advising Center

Kelly South

  • Communications & Marketing Manager,
    UITS - Office of the Chief Information Officer

Samantha Sowerby

  • Business Manager,

Ginny Stasinski

  • Research Coordinator Manager,

Tony Stevens (Rook)

  • Administrative Manager,

Anna Streight

Library Operations Supervisor
University Libraries, Access and Information Services

Tammy Strom

  • Operations Assistant Director,

Carrie M. Stusse

Manager for Administrative Services
Research, Discovery & Innovation

Julie Suess

  • Information Technology Project Manager,
    UITS - Network Tech Solutions

Brenna A. Sullivan

Dining Services Supervisor, Steward
Arizona Catering Company

Jenna Summerfiled

Marlene Supco

  • Finance and Administration Director,
    University Police Department

Estella Trevers

  • Business Manager,
    Student Programs

Monica Vega

  • Academic Programs Manager,

Dorian Voorhees

  • Business Affairs / Planning Associate Dean,
    Graduate College Admin

Betsey Wagener

  • Research Administrator,

Carolyn Wargaski

  • Business Manager,

Nancy Warne

  • Data Integrity for Admissions Senior Coordinator,
    Admissions & New Student Enrollment

Liz Warren-Pederson

  • Marketing-Communications Director,
    Eller Administration

Mirum Washington-White

  • Senior Assistant Director,
    Campus Recreation

Tara Watson

  • Marketing & Communications Assistant Director,
    Campus Recreation

Thomas Webb

  • Senior Project Manager,
    Facilities Management - Maintenance Services

Dr. Paul Weissburg

Director, Program Evaluation and Student Assessment
College of Medicine

Teresa Whetzel

  • Finance and Administration / Student Affairs - Enrollment Management Director,
    Sr. VP Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Clarity White

  • Senior Program Coordinator,
    School of International Language, Literature and Culture

Keith Wilburn

  • College of Medicine Information Technology Services Assistant Dean,
    COM Info Technology Services

Natalie Wilkins

  • Senior Program Coordinator,
    Center of Excellence Womens Health

Michael Wilson

  • Dining Services Supervisor,
    Student Food Service, Student Unions

Elizabeth Woodhouse

  • Deputy Director,
    Institute of the Environment

Mark Wright

  • (retired) Clinical Assistant Professor,
    Emergency Medicine - (Clinical Series Track)

Kelly Young

  • Assistant Agent,
    Maricopa County Cooperative Extension