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2015 Cohort

Michell Bauer

  • Senior Producer,
    Arizona Health Sciences Bio Communications

Page Bausman

  • Eller Online MBA Director,
    Eller MBA

Margine Bawden

  • Program Coordinator,
    Apache County Cooperative Extension

Dave Besselsen

  • Director and Attending Veterinarian,
    University Animal Care

David Biffar

  • Operations Assistant Director,
    College of Medicine Administration

Lomax Boyd

  • Infrastructure Services Manager,
    BIO5 Institute

Eric Christensen

  • Catalina Sky Survey Associate Staff Scientist / Principal Investigator,
    Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

Liz Firmage

  • Administration Director,
    BIO5 Institute

Sandra Fletcher

  • Project Director,
    Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences

Claudia Gallego

  • Senior Business Manager,
    Family and Community Medicine

Carolyne Greeno

  • Senior Business Manager,
    Cooperative Extension Administration

Ginny Hitchings

  • Senior Business Manager,
    Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine

Jennifer Lawrence

  • Business & Finance Manager,

Chrissy Lieberman

  • Associate Dean,
    Dean of Students

Meghan McKenney

  • Assistant Director,
    Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

Dan Nelson

  • General Maintenance Supervisor,
    Campus Agriculture Center

Loreli Panico

  • Finance and Operations Manager,
    School of Information: Science, Technology, and Arts

Bridget Radcliff

  • Senior Program Coordinator,
    Computer Science

Paul Ronstadt

  • Project Manager,
    Facilities Management Custodial Services

Julie Sanders

  • Project Manager,
    Office for Research & Discovery

Ash Scheder Black

  • Director of Technology,
    Office of Global Initiatives

Lauren Sekora

  • Principal Enterprise Business Analyst,
    UITS - Institutional IT Applications

Leticia Soto-Delgadillo

  • Executive Director,
    Colleges of Letters, Arts, and Science Academic Advising Center

Kelly South

  • Communications & Marketing Manager,
    UITS - Office of the Chief Information Officer

Ginny Stasinski

  • Research Coordinator Manager,

Kelly Young

  • Assistant Agent,
    Maricopa County Cooperative Extension