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2016 Cohort

Mary Adams

  • Executive Associate to the Vice President,
    Office of the General Counsel

Jennifer Allen

  • Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer,
    Campus Health and Wellness

Linda Dols

  • Resource Sharing / Streaming Service Manager,
    Delivery, Description, Acquisition

Sumayya Granger

English as a Second Language
  • Assistant Director,
    Academic Support
  • Development Officer,
    Local Programs
  • Interim Coordinator,
    Tutoring/Skill Intensive Workshops
  • Assistant Professor
  • Assistant Professor,
    Second Language Acquisition / Teaching - GIDP

Christopher Hargraves

  • Senior Assistant Dean,
    Student Governance and Programs

Rhonda Hatzelis

  • (retired) Coordinator,
    Administrative Operations

Andre Lyko

  • Police Sergeant,
    University Police Department

Jennifer Maiorany

  • MBA Career Management Director,
    Karl Eller Graduate School of Management

Maria Miranda

  • Senior Program Coordinator,
    FSO - Bursars Office

Brain Morton

  • Finance and Administration Director,
    University Relations

John Mosbach

Student Learning Services

  • Associate Athletics Director
  • Director CATS Academics - Student Learning Services

Raina Obrien

University of Arizona South
  • Academic Advising Assistant Director
  • (retired) Academic Advisor

Belinda Oden

  • Finance and Administration Director,
    CALS Administration

David Ouellette

  • Program Coordinator,
    Parking and Transportation

Maria Puig

  • Finance and Operations Director,
    College of Optical Sciences

Paula Rivadeneira

  • Assistant Specialist,
    Soil/Water and Environmental Science CALS

Heather Rosinbum

  • Recruitment Assistant Director,
    Admissions & New Student Enrollment

Bethany Rosinbum

  • Administration / Communications Director,
    CALS Administration

Kimberly Sierra-Cajas

  • Office of Undergraduate Research Director,
    Science Administration

Julie Suess

  • Information Technology Project Manager,
    UITS - Network Tech Solutions

Nancy Warne

  • Data Integrity for Admissions Senior Coordinator,
    Admissions & New Student Enrollment

Thomas Webb

  • Senior Project Manager,
    Facilities Management - Maintenance Services

Teresa Whetzel

  • Finance and Administration / Student Affairs - Enrollment Management Director,
    Sr. VP Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Clarity White

  • Senior Program Coordinator,
    School of International Language, Literature and Culture

Michael Wilson

  • Dining Services Supervisor,
    Student Food Service, Student Unions