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2017 Cohort

Michelle Aros

  • Business Administrator,
    Senior VP Health Sciences

Kina Barton

  • Finance and Administration Coordinator,
    CALS Business Services

Alicia Cool

  • Grants and Contracts Manager,
    Chemistry and Biochemistry

Theresa Crimmins

School of Natural Resources & Environmental Research
  • National Phenology Network Director
  • Associate Research Scientist

Lubna Govindarajan

  • Senior Program Coordinator,
    Center for Rural Health

Michelle Guevara

  • Personnel Affairs Coordinator,

Kevin Hall

  • Recruitment and Outreach Director
  • Honors Summer Academy Director
  • UA Flinn Scholars Advisor

Whitney Herr-Buchholz

  • Assistant to the Director & Coordinator for Advancement,
    School of Dance

Gregory Hodgins

  • Director,

Regan Holliday

  • Business Manager,

Arthur Jacobson

  • IT Manager,

Peg Kearney

  • Coordinator of Technology Support,
    College of Nursing

Kristen Klotz

  • Equity Officer and Deputy Director,
    Office of Institutional Equity

Robert Lanza

  • Principal IT Support Analyst,
    Family and Consumer Sciences

Jennifer Mewes

  • Internal Operations Assistant Director,
    CATS Academics

Rachel Nielsen

  • Business and Finance Manager,
    Graduate College

Natalie O'Farrell

  • Programs Associate Director,
    Campus Recreation

Rachele Peterson

  • Research Administration Associate Director,
    Senior VP Health Sciences

Jennifer Pierson

  • Grants and Contracts Manager,
    Steward Observatory

Cynthia Quijada

  • Business Administrator,
    Executive Office of the President

Walter Ries

  • Senior IT Manager,

Samantha Sowerby

  • Business Manager,

Monica Vega

  • Academic Programs Manager,

Betsey Wagener

  • Research Administrator,

Tara Watson

  • Marketing & Communications Assistant Director,
    Campus Recreation